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Committee Descriptions

Are you looking for ways to connect with fellow SWEP of Greater Philadelphia members and become more involved in the organization?

SWEP has several key committees that are integral to our success and offer the opportunity to contribute as much – or as little – of your skills and time as you’d like.

Volunteer Coordinator 

Established in 2019, this key role works with all committee chairs to assist in building volunteer pools and correctly identifying SWEP Members who have interest in assisting in some capacity with the SWEP organization. 

Volunteer CoordinatorCo-Chair/Beth Brandt

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Membership Committee

The membership committee is the base for the SWEP of Greater Philadelphia organization. The committee works with all of our other committees to grow SWEP membership and offer and increase benefits to our members. This committee is responsible for welcoming new members via phone calls and membership events, office visits and organization introductions, mentoring of the new members, and serving as liasion to the various activities, benefits, and committees of SWEP. The membership committee helps to answer any membership questions that may arise, for individual, corporate or joint membership options. SWEP’s membership committee also works with the Program Committee to create programs that attract new members, such as “bring a friend” to SWEP luncheon events.

Membership Chair: Amy Corr

Board Officer Liaison: Co-Secretary/Yolanda Pagano

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Technical Programs Committee

The Technical Programs Committee aims to bring new, emerging environmental issues, regulations and technology to SWEP professionals. Expert panels share their knowledge and perspectives on a range of issues including global climate change, bioremediation, emerging contaminants, legal issues and government regulations. SWEP's goal for this committee is to organize four or more technical-level programs each year, surrounding a topic that is of high interest to our members. The committee reaches out to area subject-matter experts and also works in conjunction with other area environmental organizations to develop key learning environments. SWEP is always looking to partner with Individual members and/or Corporate Members to enhance our program offerings and aide in facilitating a suitable location to host an event, either at a Center City or suburban location.

Technical Programs Committee Co-Chairs: Ann Smith and Ammie Martin

Board Officer Liaison: Co-Secretary/Yolanda Pagano

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  • Linda Kardos- PECO
  • Caitlin Kupp- Church & Dwight

Social Programs Committee

The Social Committee brings professionals together to learn and share experiences in a friendly environment. Monthly Networking Lunches are a staple of this committee, who choose an appropriate location, either in Center City or a suburban location, that can accommodate the members attending. New in 2018, the committee also hosted a Golf Lessons & Networking event, which they intend to grow each year. Networking breakfasts, Annual Holiday gatherings, Earth Day Volunteer work days, and many other opportunities to engage socially with like-minded professionals is also on the committee's plate.   

Social Programs Committee Chair: Erin  Rodgers

Board Officer Liaison: Co-Secretary/Yolanda Pagano

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Touchstone Awards Committee 

The Touchstone Awards Committee is responsible for coordinating SWEP of Greater Philadelphia's signature event - the Annual Touchstone Award Gala. Held every year in November, this event offers the perfect environment for professional networking, social engagement and honoring the awardees deserving of the spotlight. In 2018, this event included the merging of the Scholarship & Grants reception so that all awardees could be honored together in a single evening, with a full audience. The venue selection of a unique environmental landmark has helped the Gala to grow in size and reputation, with past events being held at the Philadelphia Water Works and the Phoenixville Foundry.   

Touchstone Awards Committee Chair: Erin  Rodgers

Board Officer Liaison: Co-Chair/Beth Brandt

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Website/Public Relations/Social Media

In 2019, all of the arms of social connections were merged into one committee. This newly merged committee combines the mission of all three, to publicize the SWEP organization’s benefits and resources, promote upcoming programs via announcements and website updates, and conduct email campaigns and surveys. This committee also maintains SWEP's social networking sites (i.e. Twitter, Facebook, Linked-in) as well as the SWEP Website.

Website/Chair/Social Media Chair: Rebecca Buchanan

Board Officer Liaison: Co-Chair/Beth Brandt

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  • Ammie Martin- Environmental Standards, Inc.
  • Annmarie Hafer Burkhart- Environmental Standards, Inc.

Scholarship & Grants Committee

In 2018, SWEP made the decision to combine the Scholarship and Grants into one committee. Although both awards are vetted, funded and awarded separately, their process and mission are similar. 

SWEP's Scholarship arm of the committee awards scholarships to graduate women studying to pursue environmental careers. Presented at the Annual Touchstone Award Gala every year in November, the committee selects outstanding young women to receive a monetary award as part of its mission to encourage and promote the leadership, achievement, and professional development of women in the environmental field. The committee solicits applicants starting in March of each year, and then reviews applications, conducts interviews, and recommends recipients to the Board of Directors for approval.

SWEP's Grants arm of the committee was established to help fund organizations or programs that creatively address a locally defined need to create, enhance, restore, or protect the natural environment or to provide environmental awareness through educational sessions. Also presented at the Annual Touchstone Award Gala every year in November, the committee solicits applicants, reviews applications, conducts interviews when necessary, and selects recipients to recommend to the Board of Directors for approval. Committee members are also responsible for following up with Grantees to ensure projects meet the original proposed scopes, budgets and deadlines, and that the other commitments of the Grantee are adhered to (e.g., monthly progress reports are submitted, a newsletter article is provided at the successful completion of the project, etc.).

Scholarship & Grants Chair: Jennifer Waters

Board Officer Liaison: Co-Treasurer/Jennifer Poole

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  • Jill Felker- Academic
  • Laurel Klein- GZA GeoEnvironmental, Inc.
  • Hayley McCurdy- Academic

Fundraising Coordinator

Newly created in 2019, the Fundraising coordinator has originally been focused on fundraising efforts tied to the Annual Touchstone Award Gala. The SWEP BOD would like to extend these efforts to a year-round focus, to assist in gaining awareness of the our SWEP Chapter, help fund higher monetary awards or additional opportunities for Scholarships and Grants, and add member-benefits to sponsor and gain the marketing assistance from SWEP. 

Fundraising Chair: Andrea DeCola

Board Officer Liaison: Co-Treasurer/Jennifer Poole

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